Bringing Presence into Your Writing and Art

When asked to speak about the writing process, or the craft of writing, it's common to hear writers talk about how there really isn't much to talk about.  The act of creation, of creating art--be it writing or really any other form/medium of art--is in some ways elusive, veiled, difficult to grasp or articulate.  I find this both intriguing and amusingly ironic, how a writer can produce entire novels, but may be stumped at the idea of talking about their own writing process.  In the same way, though I am not a painter or much of an artist beyond a storyteller, I imagine it would be difficult for a painter to describe their process: how they create something from a blank page; what vision drives them; what ideas or visuals or themes influence the brushstrokes toward the image they want to be the final product.  It's something I find incredibly interesting.

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