I was born in Glendale, CA, was raised primarily in Mount Shasta, CA, and I live now in Southern Oregon.  For most of my life I've always been a storyteller--role playing complex stories as a kid with toys and video games with my little brother--but it wasn't until the first day of summer at the end of 5th grade when I first attempted to actually write a book.  I discovered Stephen King when I was thirteen years old, in the form of his massive novel IT,  and nothing was the same after that.  I continue to grow as a writer and never intend to stop.

My first published novel, Other Endings, came out in November 2016.

My second novel, Fairlane Road, came out in August of 2017, and was a Finalist in the category of Visionary Fiction for the American Bookfest Best Book Awards (which is still a surreal accomplishment, to me).  The sequel is recently finished and undergoing editing.

I strive to craft fiction that is unique by being honest, fiction that is true by being authentic.  I love when deep truths--truths about the world, about the universe, about existence, about what it is to be human--are wrapped inside of a good story and become inseparable from each other, and often this is how I tell my stories.  Some of my favorite pieces of storytelling art, be it in literature or film, find such deep truths in the telling of their stories.  To me, what is underneath the plot of a story is often as important--if not more so--than the plot itself, as long as it's still a good and compelling story, and as long as the characters are authentic and real.  And this is what I strive for, what I aspire to, as a writer.  I hope that if you give me a chance as an author, you will find this to be true.